What is the Employment and Training Administration?

The U.S. government administers hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of programs designed to help people find work, many of them through the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) of the Department of Labor. The ETA publishes a wealth of information for job hunters, including statistics on the state of the job market and lists of opportunities for grants and training.

The ETA runs nearly two dozen jobs programs in total. Its adult services offer a range of training and employment assistance for people in need of skills upgrades as they transition into good jobs in high-growth areas of the economy. Operating through a nationwide network of One-Stop Career Center locations, the ETA runs programs aimed specifically at helping employers and individuals, increasing job retention and employment, assisting workers who have been laid off or terminated, and aiding specific groups like seniors and Native Americans.

In addition, the ETA serves as the implementation arm of some economic programs proposed by the president. The President’s High-Growth Training Initiative, for instance, identified 14 areas of the economy that were expected to add significant new jobs or were in need of new skill sets because they were being transformed by technology. It then allocated training and development resources toward assisting workers as they got started in those industries. The President’s Community-Based Job Training Grants, on the other hand, provided additional funding to community colleges as they provided skills and pathways into high-growth career tracks.

On top of information about its own programs, the ETA serves as a hub for third-party resources. It breaks its links down into three major groups. The first involves tools designed specifically to help people find jobs. The second involves information about and assistance applying for unemployment insurance. And the third offers assistance with federal grant funding. To learn more about the ETA, or to take advantage of its resources, visit it online at www.doleta.gov.