Finding Help For Your Resume

Writing a resume can be a frustrating process, especially for an inexperienced job seeker. And since part of the process of crafting a good resume involves having your work reviewed by other people, it’s not a task that everyone can tackle properly alone. Luckily, plenty of resources exist to help you. Some of them are local and others are best reached over the Internet, but reaching out to any of the following places should yield some excellent information.

– Your alma mater’s career office. Colleges and universities usually don’t restrict their services to current students. As a graduate, you may be able to get help with your resume. If you no longer live close enough to your old school to visit its career office in person, ask about distance advising services. You might be able to get a critique of your resume over the phone, e-mail, or video chat.

– Your local public library. Some public libraries gather resources for job seekers, including listings of resume workshops. If you live in a large metropolitan area, the public library system may have a veritable bonanza of programming available for you. The New York Public Library’s schedule of resume workshops and job search courses, for instance, often includes multiple sessions per day.

– A nearby public university. Like public libraries, some public universities accrue large collections of resume-building resources and share them with the general population. You may not be able to get the kind of one-on-one coaching reserved for students and alumni, but your local university may still provide resources such as free workshops and guides.

– Online apps. The Internet is filled with applications designed to help you build a resume, and many of them are free to use. Resume-building apps may be particularly useful when you have the basics of your resume down and are looking to polish your presentation. Some of them offer features like templates and samples, while others will let you easily manage and create multiple resumes and provide you with tips or suggestions as you work.