Support Jobs

The support staff at Royal Holiday handles the jobs that allow employees throughout numerous departments to function smoothly and efficiently. “Support” can be applied to describe a number of positions, ranging from the people working in business administration to the managerial and supervisory staff. Support workers at Royal Holiday all have a need to quickly and effectively process tasks and solve problems while making sure that other people have everything they need to fulfill their own responsibilities.

Employees working in a support role handle a variety of back-office tasks for Royal Holiday. Some maintain responsibility over contracts, reviewing them and uploading them to Web-based databases. Employees overseeing contracts may also review contracts based upon reports and contact other departments about them when necessary. Royal Holiday tracks some of its contracts with bar codes, and support employees are responsible for making sure that bar code information is stored correctly, as well as communicating with any third-party companies responsible for document storage. Support employees must therefore possess a strong sense of organization and attention to detail as well as the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Support employees at Royal Holiday also have responsibility of charging member credit cards. They may make sure automatic charges process correctly and generate reports on how charges progress. They may also be responsible for analyzing charge data and breaking it into separate reports based on geography or other metrics. To do so, they need to possess data analysis and computer skills as well as fluency with the basics of working with credit cards.

Some employees working in support at Royal Holiday take on assistant roles. Assistants at the company handle a variety of tasks, ranging from report processing and mail distribution to making arrangements for travel and preparing documentation when directed. Assistants must be independent workers willing and able to handle several different kinds of work in a day. They must also pay attention to details and be able to handle organization and communication on behalf of those they are assigned to assist.

Other Royal Holiday support employees end up taking jobs with supervisory responsibilities. Supervisors at the company must develop good communication skills so that they can effectively manage their team and provide them with praise for work well done and constructive feedback for improved job performance. Supervisors are responsible for making sure that the workplace retains a positive atmosphere for a team. Royal Holiday has a history of earning positive feedback from employees about its work culture, and supervisors are the keystone employees in making that happen.

No matter which aspect of support a particular employee takes on, he or she forms an important part of the backbone that allows the rest of the Royal Holiday team to perform its work. Employees who join the Royal Holiday support team can count on enjoying the same creative work environment full of opportunities that its other employees take advantage of.