At Royal Holiday, the sales team often makes the company’s first impression on a potential member. Given the company’s A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and reputation for providing excellent service to its over 100,000 members, the positions therefore carry a great deal of responsibility. People who take jobs on Royal Holiday’s sales team must be confident in their capability to make positive connections with people in a short period of time and then turn those connections into sales.

Royal Holiday sales positions involve a lot of talking, so applicants must be comfortable presenting in front of people. Some sales workers operate in teams, giving presentations to groups at hotels over the course of a day. The presentations require workers to build trust between customers and the product, as well as to think on their feet and respond to problems. Some families, for instance, bring small children and babies to the presentations, presenting distractions to both the presenters and the potential members. Sales jobs can also involve telemarketing, so applicants should have a background in developing product interest and closing sales over the phone as well.

General sales skills are also imperative for people seeking sales jobs with Royal Holiday. Personnel on the sales team should be comfortable conversing with potential members and closing deals on their own. They should be positive and energetic in their approach to their work. They should have a strong background in interacting with others and analyzing and solving problems independently as well as with a small team. And they must be able to take the initiative in a sales situation and adapt to a changing environment. Royal Holiday operates in 52 countries around the world, so fluency in multiple languages is also a plus.

Sales positions with Royal Holiday can sometimes require a great deal of travel as well. Royal Holiday sales events are held at hotels in many regions, and potential employees must be willing to be flexible with their daily schedules and itineraries, as their work might take them to multiple cities. Events also sometimes take place on weekends and holidays, and sales personnel should be willing to work during those periods from time to time. Potential employees with travel sales experience who know how to manage the rigors of traveling may therefore find themselves better suited to the positions than those with little experience or desire to sell on the road.

In return for their flexibility and hard work, people who take Royal Holiday’s sales jobs can expect to work in a dynamic and enjoyable environment. Members of the sales team not only receive regular coaching and training from their managers, but also support from their peers and team members. Former employees have reported that compensation was excellent, and the work environment has been praised for being an open one in which all employees receive equal opportunities and the chance to complete tasks creatively. The job is also a social one, involving cocktail hours, music, and interaction with new people on a regular basis.