Systems Jobs at Royal Holiday

The over 3,000 employees at Royal Holiday rely on a number of technologies to do their work bringing great vacations to members. Jobs in systems and information technology at the company involve anticipating potential issues with systems and then resolving them before they can disrupt operations. As a growing company, Royal Holiday focuses on efficiency in its information technologies.

Systems positions at Royal Holiday range across a number of fields. Some jobs may involve constructing data architecture or supervising the integration of new tools into existing infrastructure. Others may involve helping Royal Holiday employees in other departments learn how to use the software created by the systems team and solving problems for them as they arise.

Data architects at Royal Holiday may work with both new and existing frameworks, using the latest tools in data management. They may be responsible for creating information and data architecture or for modeling and analyzing data to determine the best possible models. Line-level data architects may work under a project manager or technical lead and contribute to projects at a variety of stages. They may be required to help evaluate the effectiveness of current models, or they may contribute to the creation of technical approaches and design concepts at a logical and conceptual level. Architects require knowledge of data modeling and database design as well as a tendency toward forward thinking and the ability to anticipate the data needs of the future.

Jobs in systems integration at Royal Holiday, on the other hand, require a slightly different focus. While integration engineers participate in the design and creation of information technology, much like data architects, their responsibilities skew toward standardization and reliability. Employees in systems integration may work with partners ranging from internal systems administrators and project teams to external entities. The role may involve a significant amount of analysis, as integration engineers look at requirements and investigate tools and techniques to ensure that the company’s information management occurs efficiently. Integration engineers may help with tuning of performance issues and offer support to end users of company software. Education and experience requirements for positions in systems integration tend to be less stringent than those for data architecture positions. The ability to work fast and communicate effectively is key for systems integration personnel, as is the ability to take user requirements and turn them into technical specifications.

Royal Holiday also employs a number of people in service-related information technology jobs. The systems created by other members of the information technology team are used by employees and outside partners with a variety of technical capabilities, and the job of service personnel is to help them when they run into trouble. Service team members provide the first level of contact for team members and third parties. They may provide assistance with hardware and software troubleshooting or with application use. When necessary, they may be required to identify the proper authority to which an issue should be escalated. They must stay on top of developments in Royal Holiday’s technology and systems and be able to provide the most up-to-date answers to third parties and team members. Employees in information technology service roles at Royal Holiday require experience and education in the information technology field.