Jobs in Purchasing at Royal Holiday

Purchasing Jobs

A company as large and varied as Royal Holiday requires a number of different types of resources, and the job of its purchasing department is to acquire them. Jobs in purchasing at Royal Holiday often involve a significant amount of negotiation, as working with suppliers to get the best prices possible forms an important part of keeping costs down for the company. Royal Holiday’s purchasing jobs take a number of forms, from low-level positions with small areas of responsibility to larger ones that oversee big parts of the business.

On the entry-level end, a Royal Holiday purchasing job might entail clerking for a higher-level purchasing employee, managing inventory, and overseeing special projects. Entry-level employees may be responsible for maintaining the security and organization of a warehouse and for ensuring accuracy for the warehouse inventory. Managing warehouse inventory often involves tracking incoming inventory from multiple sources and processing returned inventory in a timely manner. Warehouses undergo periodic reviews, and entry-level employees may be required to prepare them for their checks. Organization is the key skill at this level, as is the ability to follow established procedures. A basic affinity for math and communication is also important. Entry-level employees must be willing to lift heavy items and move inventory around the warehouse as necessary.

At the management level, jobs in purchasing at Royal Holiday look a little different. Purchasing managers typically have responsibility over a given area of the business, like a resort, and are responsible for acquiring the supplies the area needs at the most beneficial terms for the company. Manager-level employees in purchasing may need to liaise between departments within the company and the representatives of suppliers in order to acquire the right items to achieve company goals. Communication and accuracy become very important skills at this level. Managers must keep accurate records of profit and loss, taxes, and inventory. They also maintain responsibility over other employees and must ensure that those employees are adequately trained to follow established procedures. Qualified applicants for management positions typically possess a mixture of formal training in accounting or finance and progressive purchasing experience, preferably in the hospitality industry. Jobs at the management level require hands-on inventorying and candidates must be comfortable carrying and lifting items as necessary.

The highest echelons of purchasing at Royal Holiday involve a greater focus on overall strategy and forging partnerships. Executive-level purchasing employees create and nurture relationships with corporate vendors, working on new agreements and auditing existing agreements to ensure their competitiveness and functionality. Executives in purchasing need to be comfortable negotiating contracts with new partners and auditing Royal Holiday’s facilities. They must also be able to identify problematic vendor relationships and resolve them through renegotiation or through acquisition of alternate suppliers. The workload at the executive level can be heavy, and successful employees must be willing to handle multiple tasks quickly with very little supervision. At this level of responsibility, decision-making ability becomes a key factor in employee success, and communications skills are paramount.