Marketing Jobs at Royal Holiday

The marketing team at Royal Holiday has a number of functions. Marketing employees must show members the best the company has to offer, from showrooms and communication to support materials and member support. Potential employees looking for marketing jobs at Royal Holiday need to be talented and willing to innovate, as the marketing team is at the core of the company’s competitive advantage.

Many Royal Holiday jobs fall under the purview of marketing. Entry-level positions may involve work at trade shows, resorts, malls, and other locations frequented by people who might be interested in becoming Royal Holiday members. In those positions, personnel are responsible for generating leads who then attend sales presentations given by the company’s sales teams. Entry-level marketing positions tend to require a flexible schedule, as hours may vary and include weekend, night, and daytime hours every week. They also require employees who are comfortable standing for long periods of time and who are proficient in approaching potential members. Prior experience in the travel and hospitality industry or in marketing is a plus.

More experienced marketing personnel may qualify for supervisor-level jobs at Royal Holiday. Marketing supervisors require additional qualifications and take on more responsibilities than entry-level marketing personnel. Supervisors may support managers and a team of lower-level marketing agents, helping ensure that objectives are met. They may also take a role in training team members and implementing retention and development programs, as well as liaising with other Royal Holiday departments ranging from sales to human resources. Supervisors must maintain the same flexibility in their schedules as entry-level employees, and they should have prior experience and the ability to manage big-picture analysis and partnership creation. Given the management responsibilities undertaken by supervisors, they must also possess excellent interpersonal and communications skills. A record showing previous success in motivating a team and the ability to incorporate changes readily is important.

Supervisory jobs in marketing at Royal Holiday lead in turn to management positions. Managers require additional experience in marketing, preferably several years’ worth in the hospitality industry. Their responsibilities can include managing the company’s tour programs and supporting the recruitment and training of other marketing personnel. Managers may take on even more big-picture duties than supervisors, assisting director-level employees with program creation and monitoring, and ensuring that their teams produce as much as possible and exceed goals. Administrative duties at the management level include the submission of reports on relations with vendors and ongoing evaluations of programs. Managers may also assist in the creation of strategy and take on logistical duties like overseeing the delivery and storage of marketing materials. Managers must maintain the same willingness to work on holidays and weekends as supervisors and entry-level employees and should possess marketing-related education.

The Royal Holiday marketing team also employs people in jobs ranging in focus from communications to graphic design. All employees in marketing benefit from a team-oriented, creative working environment, as well as opportunities for growth. The company also provides ongoing training and prides itself on offering personal and professional development.