Jobs in Human Resources with Royal Holiday

Royal Holiday’s team forms the foundation of its success, and the company relies upon its human resources personnel to find, retain, and manage its employees. Jobs in human resources at the company range in focus from payroll and recruitment to internal communication. Royal Holiday’s human resources personnel must recruit and support professionals with passions for traveling who possess the right backgrounds and expertise to create great experiences for members.

Some tasks handled by the Royal Holiday human resources team involve compliance, and team members involved in compliance can expect to handle a lot of data in the process of making sure that the company meets its legal obligations. Compliance personnel may perform process audits and generate reports that can be used by others in the company. They may be required to make recommendations for changing processes and systems to address errors and to suggest corrective actions and consequences for personnel in violation of company policies. Parts of their days may involve mining data and developing plans for audits or creating documents related to procedures and policies. They should also be flexible, as they may be required to take on other tasks as necessary. Successful personnel working in compliance at Royal Holiday tend to have a strong ability to handle data mining and create plans, as well as competence in assessing needs and developing solutions. Analysis forms a key part of a compliance-related position, as do communicating and organizing.

Another of the Royal Holiday human resources team’s key roles is recruiting. Recruitment personnel may work at the corporate office or regionally at one of the company’s resorts. People with jobs in recruitment at Royal Holiday are responsible for finding quality applicants and following established protocols while doing so. They may have goals for hiring and retention and be required to meet or exceed them, and they will be expected to complete their tasks on time and in a cost-effective manner. The day-to-day responsibilities of a Royal Holiday recruitment employee may include the creation of a staffing plan and the establishment of recruiting plans that target specific sources of quality job candidates. Sourcing may involve use of networking, cold calling, jobs fairs, use of job websites, and more.

Management-level positions in human resources at Royal Holiday require a focus on the bigger picture of the company’s staffing. Managers may be paired with outside staffing partners or need to develop relationships with other managers and directors in order to understand the full scope of the company’s employees’ needs. They may also be responsible for identifying gaps in staffing and operational capabilities. In addition to sourcing applicants and overseeing hiring, they may be responsible for special projects and measuring the performance of the human resources team. Analysis and evaluation form a key part of management positions in human resources, and managers may need to assess metrics ranging from hiring satisfaction and requisition aging to how long it takes to fill a position. Candidates for management positions in human resources at Royal Holiday should have a solid track record of metrics-based performance and a team-oriented personality. They will also need communications skills, comfort working with leaders in the company, and experience in recruitment.