Customer Service

More than 100,000 people in 52 countries count on Royal Holiday to help them make their dream vacations into realities. In order to serve its members, the company employs a number of customer service professionals in centers located on three continents. Customer service jobs with Royal Holiday require individuals with telephone and Internet skills who have the ability to troubleshoot member problems and help them find solutions that will leave them happy and feeling positive about having invested in a Royal Holiday membership.

Customer service at Royal Holiday happens primarily in two ways: the chat function on its website or over the telephone when a member calls in to one of its service centers. Potential customer service employees should be ready to handle either type of service. When performing Web-based customer service, employees may operate more than one chat at a time and should be prepared to multitask, solving customer problems concurrently while moving from chat box to chat box. Proficiency with basic computer technology, including keyboarding and Internet navigation, is a must. Since all Internet communication takes place in writing, a customer service representative must also have strong writing skills.

People who take jobs in customer service at Royal Holiday also need to possess excellent phone skills. Handling customer service calls requires a mixture of typing and conversing, so employees must be able to multitask and possess basic computer skills like typing a certain number of words per minute. Working in a call center tends to be a fast-paced job as well, so potential employees should be sure that they can work quickly and maintain a courteous and professional demeanor while resolving member concerns. It is imperative that a customer service employee be able to remain polite and empathetic throughout a call. He or she must also quickly get up to speed on Royal Holiday’s policies and procedures in order to act as an expert with members and answer questions in a timely fashion. Royal Holiday members must navigate several levels of membership, each of which has its own benefits and costs, so customer service employees must be able to help them figure out the ins and outs of memberships as well as book accommodations when necessary.

Royal Holiday operates 12 customer service centers in all. Two are located in Mexico, in Mexico City and Monterrey. One serves Guatemala. In the Caribbean, the company runs centers in the Dominican Republic and in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In South America, it has centers in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Uruguay; Peru; Sao Paolo, Brazil; and Santiago, Chile. Royal Holiday also runs service centers in Miami, Florida, and Madrid, Spain. Requirements for employees at each center may vary, but in general, since Royal Holiday serves members from around the world, knowledge of more than one language is a plus.

As an award-winning holiday membership club, Royal Holiday takes its customer service obligations very seriously. The company has earned recognition from Resort Condominiums International on several occasions for providing top-quality service and was ranked as one of Mexico’s top 500 enterprises in 2006 by Expansion Magazine. Royal Holiday has also won service awards from MLT Vacations and Apple Vacations.