Comptroller Jobs at Royal Holiday

Jobs at Royal Holiday that fall under the purview of the comptroller involve maintaining financial compliance and budgeting procedures at the company. Royal Holiday employs over 3,000 people, partners with resorts in 52 countries, and has more than 100,000 members, making the tasks of compliance and accounting at the business large and important ones. Comptroller jobs at Royal Holiday may primarily involve compliance, accounting, or a mixture of the two. They may be permanent or temporary and based on the need for additional help to complete certain projects.

Temporary comptroller employees may be brought in by Royal Holiday from time to time in order to help the company complete tasks like annual reviews of controls and procedures. Temporary employees tend to act in a support manner, assisting regular employees as they test programs and prepare reports. They may also take on additional project responsibilities as necessary. Jobs may include work that must be undertaken by the company in order to comply with financial regulations or work performed to answer queries made to their teams by higher-level groups within Royal Holiday. Experience with auditing protocols and compliance with financial regulations is a plus for temporary comptroller employees, as are strong communications skills and the ability to make short trips when necessary for work.

Higher-level Royal Holiday employees in comptroller jobs may take responsibility over the reporting of an entire region. Regional-level workers may need to take the company’s standard operating procedures, generated by executive-level employees, and implement them at properties and offices within their operating areas. They may also work with executives to develop regional strategies and find the best ways to ensure strong financial results. Regional comptroller jobs often involve being the person who helps local employees implement directives from Royal Holiday headquarters and shuttling feedback to the headquarters from the local offices. Regional comptrollers have regular reporting responsibilities and perform budgeting and financial forecasting. Employees in the positions are often, but not always, certified public accountants, and they must possess significant experience in accounting in a hospitality environment as well as strong presentation skills and a dedication to accuracy.

At the highest levels, comptroller jobs at Royal Holiday can involve tasks as large as taking responsibility for the entire financial cycle of the company. Top-level employees may be charged with delivering accurate monthly financial results on time while keeping internal accounting controls and compliance on sound footing. They may also be tasked with searching out inefficiencies in company processes and streamlining the way Royal Holiday handles its accounting and compliance. Their jobs are likely to be guided in large part by the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and they are often treated as resources on technical matters of accounting. Top-level positions can also involve a significant amount of mentoring, as executives develop the rest of the company’s staff, set goals, and conduct performance reviews and give feedback. High-level comptroller employees must be certified public accountants and possess university-level training in accounting. They should also have a significant amount of experience in financial reporting and accounting, as well as a record showing progressively greater responsibility over time.