Royal Holiday Jobs

Jobs at Royal Holiday take many forms. As the provider of vacations around the world for more than 100,000 club members, the company has the responsibility of maintaining a well-run workplace. Royal Holiday must be able to respond effectively to members when they need assistance, and it must be able to process their information in a prompt and methodical manner and ensure the security of their data. The company has an equal number of responsibilities to its more than 180 resort partners. Royal Holiday employs people in fields ranging from sales to support to management, including the following:

Sales Jobs

A typical day for a Royal Holiday employee in sales might involve shifts spent talking to potential members about membership opportunities. Employees in sales may work in teams and support one another while earning the trust of potential members and building personal connections. Doing so allows them to develop sales skills and the ability to function in a group environment. Strong candidates for jobs in sales should have previous sales experience, knowledge of sales techniques, and experience presenting in front of groups.

Customer Service Jobs

Royal Holiday operates customer service centers all over the world. The company presently runs call centers in Mexico, Spain, the United States, the Dominican Republic, and several countries in South and Central America. Customer service employees at Royal Holiday interact with club members on behalf of the company. They may help members by answering questions about their memberships and helping them book accommodations or guiding them through processes like upgrading memberships or purchasing additional holiday credits. They also assist members when they need help activating non-automatic functions of their memberships, such as the rollover of holiday credits from year to year or the booking of trips for friends and family members using holiday credits. And if a member needs assistance with the online booking system or help figuring out which destinations might best suit their needs, customer service employees will be the ones to help them.

Support Jobs

To support its member base and the other aspects of its operations, Royal Holiday requires a number of people to work in back-office jobs. The jobs range from positions that involve tasks like scanning documents and reviewing billing information to management positions that involve analysis and setting overall strategy. Royal Holiday also employs some interns on its business services staff.

No matter which aspect of Royal Holiday an employee works in, he or she can count on having a supportive group of coworkers and responsive management. Past employees have reviewed the company highly in a number of areas, including job culture, management, and compensation. Their reviews have made note of the opportunities to develop skills in communications and sales provided to employees as well as the latitude employees are allowed in using their creativity to drive performance.