Why Carilo, Argentina Should Be On Your Must Travel List

Why Carilo, Argentina Should Be On Your Must Travel List


When the stress of daily life is too much, it’s time to consider a retreat. There may be no better place to visit than Carilo, Argentina. This city, with a name that means “green dune” is a picturesque destination located about 360 km south of Buenos Aires, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. It sits on the Atlantic Coast and affords visitors perhaps the most intriguing level of relaxation possible. Dive into a diverse culture, a unique landscape, and the luxuries you simply cannot find anywhere else by planning a trip to Carilo, Argentina. There’s plenty of reason to explore this community.

Beach in Puerto Rico
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Oceanfront Luxury Resort Living

Carilo sits in a man-made forest on the waterfront. It is more than your typical beach town, though for those who are looking for a luxurious resort-like experience, this city is an ideal choice. The sand dunes are one of the biggest attractions here because they provide ample opportunity for four-wheeling and off-roading. What else will you find to do here?

Enjoy a Cabin Stay

One of the best reasons to visit is for your ability to unplug and unwind here. This happens in the cabins that are widely booked as one of the most popular forms of accommodations from travelers. While you will find prestigious hotels and various other lodging options, these cabins, often tucked into the forested areas or near the beach, are simply the best option for relaxation and traditional, local living. Take a step back and relax by booking a cabin stay.

Carilo Beach umbrellas

Carilo Beach

Most people come to Carilo for the beach experience. The beaches here are intense. Waves can be forceful. Yet, it is a safe place for the entire family to visit and enjoy. Beaches here are available to the public, though some resorts have sections dedicated specifically to their patrons. The beaches allow for plenty of fun activities themselves including:

  • Sunbathing
  • Horseback riding
  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Sandcastle building

The beach fun found here is endless. In some cases, hotels along the beaches even offer night time parties and daily events. The beaches offer a clean environment. It’s an appropriate location for the entire family.

Downtown Carilo

That’s not to say this is a city that only affords visitors an outdoor experience at the beach. In fact, the Downtown area of Carilo is vibrant throughout the day and well into the night. This area is ideal for those who want to shop and dine at both locally owned shops and top of the line, fine dining destinations. Just walking through the city and looking at the architecture can be an outstanding way to spend some time. In the Downtown area, plan to:

  • Visit Paseo Epuyen, an outdoor shopping area
  • Dine at local restaurants for traditional cuisine
  • Enjoy various events that happen throughout the year
  • Spend a romantic night on the town
  • Shop at dozens of unique and often local artisan shops

The area is ideal for families. There’s a completely different atmosphere more pinged towards adults after dark here.

Dune Bashing

Even if you have never heard of it before, dune bashing is perhaps one of the best ways to relieve some aggression and tension. And, it is one of the most common ways to spend time in Carilo. In short, the area has numerous, large sand dunes. These dunes build up throughout the day and over time. Nearby, area vendors offer visitors the ability to rent an all terrain vehicle (ATV) and take to the sand. You’ll jump, climb, and dart through the sand dunes. It’s a fun experience for adults.

Carilo Forest

The beach is not the only place to get outdoors and explore all that Carilo has to offer. The forest, as mentioned, is a natural setting but one that’s man-made. The forested area of the city is near the beach. You’ll be able to walk through the various paths and trails to see a unique eco system of animals. This forested area does offer tours from time to time. It can be a lot of fun to watch the wildlife here. The plants and animals present are more diverse in this area of Argentina.

If you want a moderate drive from Buenos Aires, but want a more remote feel, Carilo is the ideal choice. You are close enough to drive into the big city for sightseeing, but you are still remote enough to enjoy the outdoors in Carilo. You’ll find that this city is a luxurious destination with numerous hotels and experiences to be had. Royal Holiday can help you make this trip an exciting opportunity.

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