Where to Get Started as A New Online Freelancer?

Where to Get Started as A New Online Freelancer?


Those professionals interested in working as they travel, will most likely be concerned to make the change because it may be overwhelming to get started. Finding clients online may not always be easy at first, but here is a quick guide to making sure you can get yourself on your feet as an online freelancer and travel the world as you do it. You might want to check out the previous post on Royal Holidays Blog where you can start deciding where are the best places to work from with this new lifestyle. First of all, it’s important to make sure that being an online freelancer goes hand in hand with your profession. You’ll find mostly openings for web developers, mobile developers, designers and creatives, writers, virtual assistants, customer service agents, sales and marketing experts, accountants and consultants, and other similar professions. Basically, it’s any job that you can do while sitting in front of your computer, with the right software and a good internet connection. When starting off, it’s important to realize that there is a great deal of competition out there, and working online means working with international rates, not just local, which in most cases will bring it way down to the standards of countries that have lower salaries and living costs. And the word is out, so many companies are finding the top talent out there at the lowest rates. So, you’ll have to be ready to show your worth and hang in there while you create a good enough profile that clients are willing to pay what you are worth.

If you are just starting off, you’ll want to stay away from the more popular sites because these will be full of experienced freelancers, which may be way too competitive if you’re just getting started. Here are a few that are good for beginners:


With goLance you can bid on projects or have someone look you up as a freelancer. You can build a profile, search and apply for jobs, and once you’ve finished you get paid. Here all you have to worry about is doing your job, instead of all the details and dangers of dealing with online clients.

People as a Service

This is another option for those starting out. People as a Service  helps companies and freelancers find each other by getting all of the administrative work out of the way. They basically focus on making companies lives easier and helping them delegate tasks to virtual freelancers.

Growth Geeks

Growth Geeks is exclusive to digital marketing experts and basically creates an online marketplace where companies can find just the right expert. You could even be hired to be part of a virtual digital marketing team.

Jobs Outsource

With Jobs Outsource you’ll be able to find jobs in copywriting, graphic and web design, social media marketing, or as a virtual assistant. You can negotiate a payment method with the client, be referred as a start worker and get on board with projects be it taking charge of specific tasks or the whole project.

Image courtesy of abductit at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of abductit at Flickr.com


When opening your profile on any of these, it is important to make an impact. So be sure to make an impact with your headline. It should be concise and clear enough for clients to know exactly what you do, how long you’ve been doing it, or your what sets you apart. Besides the title, the image is just as important. A professional photo will give more confidence to your potential clients. Don’t spend too much time on details that won’t show off your skills. Focus on your qualifications and experience and lead with that to get more attention to your profile. Finally, back up your experience with your academic background. Don’t forget to include your contact information and to keep them updated. Finally, include references and samples so people can have evidence of just how good you are.

Once you’ve gotten used to what it’s like being an online freelancer, you could start exploring not only places to travel on Royal Holidays, but different websites that are more competitive and can also up your game and get your more clients.


With Upwork you can get a variety of projects in size, duration and team-size. The payment methods can vary as well from hourly payments to complete projects with payments using credit cards or PayPal. Upwork even has a dispute resolution that can help protect your work.


A site as popular as Freelancer has many categories that you can choose from such as logo designs, data entry, business card design, article writing, mobile apps, SEO marketing, web design, and website development. The more you work and get references, the more you’ll rise in the ranks to the top of the list of freelancers.


At Toptal projects have an average of being booked within 1 to 3 weeks. They have a pre-screening process for all of the freelancers, which will promote that clients trust and choose their projects from this site.


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