When Weather Impacts an Interview


If it catches you unaware, bad weather can have an outsize impact on your job-search prospects. Missing or being late to an interview can seriously damage your chances of landing a job, and when the weather gets nasty, it becomes much harder to judge travel times. Once you arrive, being drenched from rain or spattered with snow and mud can hurt your chances as well. To make sure you don’t let bad weather derail your job interview, try the following tips.

– Call to see if the interview is still on. If the weather’s bad enough, your potential employer may have shut down for the day, or your interviewer might not have been able to make it in to work. So before you risk going out into whatever nastiness nature has cooked up, call the employer and make sure your interview is still going to happen.

– Leave early. It can be tough to predict the impact of bad weather on travel times, especially if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before. So when the weather is bad, be sure to allow plenty of extra time to get to your interview site. It’s much better to get there early and wait in your car or someplace nearby than it is to arrive late.

– Bring the right clothes. Bring an umbrella or raingear to avoid getting soaked before your interview, and wear rain boots to keep your feet dry as well. Just be sure you also have interview-appropriate clothes to put on once you’re safely inside.

– Plan ahead. Most bad weather is predicted well in advance, and employers like to see candidates who are well organized. So check the forecast a day or two before your interview is scheduled and evaluate your ability to get through the weather. If there’s a blizzard coming and your car won’t cut it, call and ask to reschedule your interview in advance. Employers are usually understanding about those requests.


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