Ways to Grow in Your Current Job


Sometimes workers, particularly in the Millennial generation, are keen to jump the corporate ship fairly quickly. In part, that’s a reaction to the disruptive paradigm that characterizes our current economy: technology is upending industry after industry, and many young workers have grown to expect change. Rather than waiting around for their job to disappear, they hop from position to position every few years.

However, there are benefits to staying with one company for several years, if you can. For example, you’ll earn a reputation for loyalty and have the opportunity to develop deep relationships with your co-workers. In addition, not all people can afford to jump ship, even if they want to. Before you start combing the job listings for a better opportunity, consider the following ways to keep growing in the job you already have.

– Be open about your ambitions. Not all companies encourage openness from their employees, but if yours does, tell your manager what you want out of your job. If they value you, they may help you find a way to get it.

– Check whether your company will be changing soon. Some employees leave just before the announcement of a major change that would have benefited them and end up regretting their decision. Before you choose to quit, ask yourself whether there are signs of a shakeup that might make sticking around more interesting.

– Look for in-house opportunities. Some large companies encourage their employees to chase entrepreneurial ideas, so if you have a big plan and want to take charge of its implementation, see if your company offers a forum in which you can propose it.

– Find or become a mentor. Becoming part of a mentoring program as either mentor or mentee can create new growth opportunities for you. If you become a mentee, your mentor may help you grow personally and professionally. And if you become a mentor, you may find that your own skills improve even further as you help others acquire them.


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