How to Use Unemployment for Your Benefit


Periods of joblessness have the potential to create many negatives for you professionally. Often, these resume gaps make it harder to obtain another job. They can also make you lose track of what’s going in your industry and even make you doubt yourself and your ability to get or hold a job. However, there are ways to use time without a job to retool and prepare for a bigger, better professional future. Try the following tips to make the most of being unemployed:

Remain in the present

It can be easy, when unemployed, to worry about the future or wonder what you could have done in the past to avoid losing your job. Do your best to stay focused on the here and now instead. Concentrate on what you’re doing every day to keep yourself positive.

Examine your life

Not having to go to work provides an exceptional opportunity to take stock of your professional and personal development. Use your jobless time to do things you’ve put off, like starting an exercise regimen or sleeping more. Feeling comfortable about your lifestyle can translate to a confident attitude when you look for work.

Pick up new skills

You may be able to turn your jobless period into a time of retraining that will help with your job search. Learning a new language, for instance, can open up work opportunities abroad.


Most employers think of volunteer work as relevant professional experience, so volunteering can help you avoid gaps in your resume. Perhaps more importantly, it can also bolster your self-esteem, which can take a hit when you’re unemployed for a long time.

You should still take time to do the things you enjoy. Losing a job doesn’t mean you deserve to be miserable. Treat your job search, including retraining, like a job in which you’re your own boss, and then create the perfect balance between home life and your work.


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