How to Use Social Media in a Job Search


Social media is everywhere these days, and if you use it correctly, it can help you with your job search. Rather than Tweeting CEOs asking for jobs or begging your Facebook friends for help, try the following strategies to use social media to help you find a job:

Use multiple platforms to create your digital persona.

LinkedIn, with its focus on business, is the social media platform that most employers use. However, more than half of employers in one survey used Facebook as well. Some employers also utilize Twitter and Google+ as well as specialized sites like YouTube and Pinterest.

Focus on platforms that highlight your skills.

While you should maintain a presence on many platforms, spend more time on the ones that feel natural to you. People who are good at creating short, interesting updates might try Twitter. Long-form writers, on the other hand, might want to experiment with a blog on LinkedIn.

Join online interest groups.

LinkedIn, in particular, has a number of active professional communities that you can join. After joining a group, you can contribute by posting your own articles and making thoughtful, professional comments on other people’s posts.

Keep your communications upbeat and professional.

Don’t use social media to complain about your current job or your job search. In addition, avoid posting pictures you wouldn’t feel comfortable displaying in a business setting.

Check your search results.

You may not be the most popular person with your name, but you should regularly check search engines like Google by typing in your first and last name to see what pops up. If the top results are unprofessional pictures or posts from your social media accounts, make sure to remove those items.


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