Tips for Undergoing Career Counseling


Career counseling can be a great help in your job search. A good counselor will assist you in a variety of ways, ranging from improving your resume or interview skills to identifying good opportunities and figuring out what direction to take your career. You’ll get more out of your counseling, however, if you become an active participant. Keep the following tips in mind to maximize the benefits of working with a career counselor.

– Set priorities. You’ll have a limited amount of time for each session you have with a career counselor, so know what you want out of each meeting before you go into it. Expect to take some time moving through your priorities as well. Rarely will a counselor be able to give you detailed, useful solutions right away.

– Ask questions. Don’t just sit back and expect the career counselor to handle your job search for you. Be proactive and come into the session with questions about what you can do better. Focus on the priorities you’ve already set and try to distill each one down into a few important questions. If your priority is finding greater satisfaction from your work, for example, you might ask for tips on figuring out which jobs might bring you more happiness.

– Be open. Don’t just tell your career counselor what you think you should believe or feel about a situation. Try to get past the pressures put on you by other people in your life and focus on what you want to get out of your career. If you aren’t honest with your counselor, they can’t help you get what you want.

– Write things down. Don’t rely on the career counselor to type up notes on the meeting for you, though some may offer to do this. Instead, keep your own notes, so that you can capture not just what you’ve talked about, but your thoughts on each subject and where you think the meeting might lead you next.


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