Tips for Emailing Potential Employers


In the modern job search, emails are as common and important as handshakes. Sending an email to an employer without an introduction may not get you the job, but knowing how to come off as impressive in an email is an extremely important skill. Keep the following in mind when exchanging online correspondence with potential employers, regardless of the context.

– Be confident. Confidence can be tough to maintain if you haven’t had a lot of success in your job search, but you need to project it anyway.

– Be succinct. Many job-search emails come across as meandering or unguided, and the human resources professionals who deal with them have a lot to do. People on the hiring team may end up reading emails on their phones or tablets as well, so lead off with the most important information about what you’re applying for and why, and get your point across as quickly as possible.

– Keep it simple. Cramming your email with complicated syntax and jargon is a quick way to end up in the reject pile. Use the simplest language possible to get your point across and try to stay away from impressive-sounding words that are commonly used to fluff up mediocre accomplishments.

– Be precise. Precision is especially important when emailing to confirm appointments. Always include the day, date, and time of the interview when asking for confirmation to minimize the chances that a misunderstanding will derail your application.

– Be grammatically correct. Make sure that you proofread your emails, and don’t rely on automated spelling and grammar checkers alone. Check over your email two or three times to look for mistakes, and read it to yourself out loud to catch typos that you might have initially skimmed over.

– Be aware of your subject line. The subject line of the email is a great place to distinguish yourself if you’re cold emailing an employer. Include your name as well as a brief description of yourself like “20-year marketing veteran” to immediately catch the employer’s attention and help them find your email again later on.


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