Three photographers that will inspire you to travel the world

Three photographers that will inspire you to travel the world


Being a photographer is a wonderful profession for those travelers and explorers souls. When you are in this field you can travel as far as their curiosity sends you and portray people, landscapes, cultures and customs. Several organizations such as museums, magazines and newspapers are interested in receiving this type of product because in a single image there is a whole. Is that so, this profession is defined as “the universal language”.

In addition, the photography is divided into many fields that allow you to choose your favorite and delve into it. Among the most recognized fields, there is fashion, advertising, artistic, scientific, astronomical and journalistic.

Here are some photographers who thank to their profession they traversed the planet:

Steve McCurry

This is the author of one of the most famous photographs in history. The image is a close-up of an Afghan woman dressed in red with an intriguing look. It was published in 1985 in the National Geographic magazine and since then the name of Steve McCurry resonates around the world.

Photographing this woman gave him the gold medal to the best reportage Robert Capa abroad. To make these pictures for which would be recognized worldwide, he had to wear typical clothes of Afghanistan and go unnoticed, while hiding the reels between clothing.

Before coming to National Geographic, he worked at “The Daily Collegian” where he discovered his love for photography. He had previously approach it from his studies at Pennsylvania State University where he studied History of Cinematography, but he had finally finished graduating performing arts.

After working two years in this newspaper he decided to take a trip to India on his own. There he formed a unique style where he began to recognize by the shape and color in his pictures and the portray of human faces. With this experience, he decided to make portraits as a way to show the conflict is reflected in the gestures and glances of people.

McCurry traveled to different countries in wars looking for more images. His camera and its unique way to seal and composing, took him to Beirut, Cambodia, the Gulf War, the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Tibet.

Pierre Verger

Image courtesy of Thomas Cloer at
Image courtesy of Thomas Cloer at

This man not only contributed to the world with its unique photographs about Africa but on its high cultural content, contributed anthropological knowledge about African rites.

For Pierre Verger his life was pretty normal. He was born on November 4, 1902, in Paris and lived there until he was 30 years in the bosom of a wealthy family. During those years, Pierre felt he did not agree with the values that were taught, but only after the death of his mother he decided to learn photography and travel the world to learn about other ways of seeing life. Before leaving, he learned about this profession with the photographer Pierre Boucher and saved to buy a Rolleiflex.

After this, he traveled for 15 years around the globe. Among the countries through which he passed, are Tahiti, China, Italy, Spain, Sudan, India, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia. In all these places he sought to document cultures that were not affected by westernization and to enhance its features by images.

However, the place that captivated him was Salvador de Bahia in Brazil. There he felt like in his true home between simple and no major luxuries people. The love for this city inspired him to delve into the rituals of Candomble, a ritual of Afro-Brazilian origin. Soon, this love led him to study Candomblé rituals of Africa thanks to a scholarship in 1948. There he was received with much gratitude. Finally, Verger died in 1996, but not before Pierre Verger Foundation created and has turned his house into a research center.

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Sebastião Salgado

Image courtesy of Ministério das Relações Exteriores at
Image courtesy of Ministério das Relações Exteriores at

His photographs in black and white and his great love for both wildlife and human life, has made him one of the most renowned photographers of today. He became a photographer after studying economics at the University of Sao Paulo and a masters degree in the same subject; however, this didn´t prevent him to follow his true passion.

He began in this field in the Gamma agency in Paris and then went to Magnum Photos. After working 15 years there, He created his own agency called Amazonas Images in Paris. Since then, he has traveled over 100 countries making photographic projects.

Among the books he has published, there is Other Americas, where he portrayed Indians and farmers in Latin America. There is also one named Workers where Salgado sought to portray the various problems that have to live a person who works in the industrial sector. After portraying many problems and sorrows, he decided to make another project called Genesis, as a tribute to nature. In addition to these books, there is also Exodus, Gold Mine Serra Pelada, Terra and The Hand of Man.


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