Things Not to Say during a Job Interview


You might be surprised at the things human-resources personnel hear in interviews. Plenty of candidates who looked promising on paper end up sabotaging themselves by saying something that puts up an immediate red flag. To make sure you’re not one of these applicants, avoid saying the following things during your job interview:

“My old boss used to do some things I hate.”

Talking about your current or old employers in a negative light is never a good idea. You’re likely to come across as someone who will complain about your new supervisor as well, and that will seriously damage your chances of landing the job.

“You’re very impressive.”

Even if you’re genuinely impressed by your interviewer, avoid any comments that might be perceived as an attempt to butter them up or flatter them. Definitely avoid commenting on their appearance or saying anything flirtatious.

“I don’t really have any weaknesses.”

Interviewers commonly ask what your weaknesses are, knowing that everybody has them. If you don’t share any, your interviewer will probably make a negative note of that. You may come across as full of yourself.

“My resume goes over that.”

If an interviewer asks you a question, it’s because they want to know more about something. They’ve already been over your resume; that’s why you got the interview. Think of every question they ask as an opportunity to impress them with something that builds on what they already know.

“Do you offer a high salary and lots of time off?”

In your job interview, focus on what you can do for the company, not what it can do for you. You can start asking questions about compensation once you impress them enough to get the job offer.

Curse words.

Stay away from foul language, even if your interviewer throws it around like a sailor.


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