Things to Bring to an Interview


Job applicants spend a lot of time thinking about their interviews. You wonder what to wear, how to hold your body, what you need to research ahead of time, and more. With all that bouncing around your head, it might be easy to just grab your normal bag and head out on the day of the interview without carefully considering what to bring. Doing so would be a mistake, because there are certain things you’ll want to have with you, such as the following:

– Clean, professional copies of your resume. You may meet people who haven’t seen your resume, or a hiring manager may have misplaced it. Having extras on hand will make you immediately jump out as well prepared.

– Something with which to write. A pen and a professional notebook for taking notes if you need to can come in very handy. Bringing extra pens may also allow you to spot one to the hiring manager, earning you a little goodwill.

– Identification. In some buildings, you won’t be allowed inside without valid identification, so make sure to bring a driver’s license or other government ID with you. If you have some kind of confirmation of your appointment, like an e-mail, you should bring that as well.

– Directions, instructions, and contact information. You may have looked over the directions and instructions a hundred times, but you should still have them on hand in case you need to double-check where you’re going and what to do when you get there. Contact information is also important in case a problem arises.

– A list of your references. You may be asked to provide references, so make sure you have names and contact information for them.

– Questions to ask. At the end of your interview, you will probably be asked if you have any questions about the job or the company. Having a list to consult will help ensure you don’t miss anything or forget your questions when the time comes.


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