The Most Bizarre Jobs to Take While You Travel

The Most Bizarre Jobs to Take While You Travel


If you decide to have a career while satisfying your wanderlust desires, well there are plenty of thing you could do from online jobs to jobs that simply require or allow you to travel around the world. Royal Holiday has a great blog where you can explore not only your options as a world traveler, but also find amazing deals on where to stay while you travel. There are tons of conventional jobs out there, but have you taken a look at the least conventional ones? Some of these may sound like a joke, but there will be no punch line. These are some of the most bizarre jobs (that actually exist) and you could find while you travel the world.

Dog surfing instruction

A surfing instructor, Teevan McManus, not only teaches the guests who stay at the Coronado Surfing Academy how to surf, but gets their pets in the water as well. It actually all started off quite accidental, but has now turned into a real career path. There are now even competitions and exhibitions to show off your surfing dogs. You’ll find the biggest competitions at Coronado, but you can also find them at Huntington Beach, San Diego and they also have one during the famous Noosa Festival of Surfing.

Bungee jumping experience

If you are all about the adrenaline and excitement, well learning how to be a bungee jumping master will prove to be an exciting journey. You can travel the world as you help people jump off the ledge and bounce right back. If you’re not a fan of heights or adrenaline, you could always be one of the people at the bottom that help fish out the jumpers. Either way, this would always be a fun career path.

Wildlife Manager

Even though you wouldn’t really figure this is a thing, airports have been known to hire wildlife managers. Since many airports around the world are located in the middle of areas where animals inhabit, there is a real need to keep the animals safe and off the runways. A good example of this is Zurich airport in Switzerland, where they have even separated an area as a nature conserve.

Disney World character (or any other for that matter)

Although this job may be somewhat tough in very hot locations, it is something you could easily pick up anywhere you travel that has thematic amusement parks. Of course, it is not an easy job, but hey somebody’s gotta bring smiles to the little ones.

Iconic salesman

You can become iconic in a resort quite easily, by setting yourself apart and doing something that people will remember. A good example of this is the popsicle man. He has become quite a legend while offering guests at hotels his creative customized homemade popsicles down by the pools. You can create your own thing and maybe even travel around a particular chain of hotels.

Air nanny

I know you’ve all heard of a stewardess or flight attendant, but an air nanny is solely on the plane to take care of children as they are in flight. There are now a few airlines like Gulf Air, especially in Dubai that have taken on this project. The main goal is to offer families this unique flying experience, while keeping their children entertained (and calm) throughout the whole flight.

Research Subject

Around the world there are scientists, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies that are always looking for guinea pigs to test their latest theories on. Everything from taking a pill to sensory deprivation, of course you’ll have to sign a waiver, but obviously you’ll decide to be the research subject if you feel comfortable enough with the experiment.

Camping butler

Who says you can have fine cuisine while camping? Well, at Montana’s Paws Up you’ll find that even though you’re outdoors, you’ll be eating the most exquisite food. These butlers will even prepare a spectacular campfire that you will never forget.

Image courtesy of Mike Heneghan at
Image courtesy of Mike Heneghan at

Boat chauffeur

While vacationing who doesn’t like a good boat ride? Well, those boats need drivers. In some places you can even bring to the job your showmanship and set yourself apart from the rest. Entertaining guests is just as important as taking them to particular location, so find different resorts that have canals, or nearby water systems, so you can start your career as a boat chauffeur.

Whatever you decide to incursion in, you are most surely never going to have a dull day. These may not be the most traditional jobs out there, but they will allow you to see the world and explore different ways of making money while on the go. Remember that at Royal Holiday you can always find offer great discounts for you on your travels.


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