The Good And The Bad Of 4 Of The Greatest Traveling Jobs Out There

The Good And The Bad Of 4 Of The Greatest Traveling Jobs Out There


Are you one of those who dreams of traveling the world and getting paid as you visit countless destinations?

Here at Royal Holiday Jobs, we bring you the best tips, great advice on getting hired, as well as articles about what it is like, to live and work at exotic destinations all over the world. Working as you travel may sound like a dream, but it doesn’t mean that it should be a decision to take lightly. Proper planning and extensive research are necessary in order to find a job that suits your needs and your preferences.

Today we want to take a look at some of the most popular jobs for travelers, what are their perks and which parts of these gigs are not so great.

Travel Writer

The good: The travel writer has always been considered the ultimate travel job. Think about it, you actually get paid to talk about the new experiences you are living while enjoying your life abroad, and the more you enjoy, the more material you’ll have to write about. Obviously, travel writers do not always write about the traveling itself, but the flexibility of the job, the opportunity to manage your own time and the advantages of a stable and competitive income make this one of the dream jobs of those who want to make a living out of seeing the world.

The bad: One of the disadvantages of this job is the fact that the market is quite small. There are opportunities out there but you have to look for them in order to find something that you actually like enough and know about it order to be competitive. Getting into the business can be difficult while you establish a name for yourself, and that may be a bit discouraging for first timers.

Flight attendant

The good: Another great job for travelers. Being a flight attendant or any type of cabin crewmember is a great way to travel, see the world and meet new people. The job pays well and in a way it feels like being on a holiday all the time. You get to travel around, sleep in new places, sometimes meet celebrities in first class and enjoy your free time when you don’t have to work and you get stuck at some beautiful city you always wanted to visit.

The bad: The most common disadvantage could be the fact that shifts are very long and exhausting. Jet lag can be quite annoying to deal with at first. Something else people do not like about this job is the fact that sometimes you have to deal with rude and angry passengers in small and confined spaces. Holidays and special dates with family and loved ones could become a thing of the past when you are a flight attendant because your days off will most likely not fall on those dates and you will have to work.

English Teacher

Image courtesy of Denise Krebs at
Image courtesy of Denise Krebs at

The good: Being an English teacher is one of the most personally rewarding career paths you could choose. Think about traveling the world to almost any country you want and help make a difference in people’s life by teaching them such an important and marketable skill as the English language is. You will have enough free time to explore your new home as well as to pursue other interests you have. You will meet new people almost every day and learn about other cultures. Teachers are highly regarded as respectable and appreciated almost everywhere in the world.

The bad: Compensation and salaries are some of the biggest complaints you get from people working as teachers overseas. You do get paid enough to make a decent living and to be comfortable, however, is not like you will be able to save much money because you are earning local currency and then you have to add the cost of living and your everyday expenses. Education budget cuts are something you must deal with almost anywhere in the world, so the instability of the position is something practically universal.

Cruise Ship Crew Member

The good: The fact that you are living on the boat you are working on is a great advantage when it comes to being able to save money and make your salary go a long way. Traveling is probably the greatest perk for ship crewmembers, as the location, you visit every day are nothing short of exotic and amazing. The community is another great pro for this job, as you will make some great friends from all over the world and learn about their culture and ways of life. Advancement opportunities within the crew are also readily available so it is common for people to keep this job for the long run.

The bad: Working hours can be tough. You may have to work long shifts with little downtime in between. You will also be away from your family for long periods of time and sometimes it will be difficult to make it for special events and holidays, but the advantage is that at least you can communicate with them on the regular basis.


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