The Disadvantages of Living as a Digital Nomad

The Disadvantages of Living as a Digital Nomad


The digital nomad lifestyle is not for everyone, and this is especially clear when they start seeing the drawbacks to having this lifestyle and figure out it may not be everything they were expecting. It does seem quite glamorous: traveling around the world, working on your laptop on a beach, and exploring the most beautiful cities you can imagine. Is this always the case? Some may argue that this is great for one year tops, but not for a long term lifestyle. So, which is it, because you do hear so many good things about this lifestyle and people who can’t get enough of it. As it’s been said before, it’s not a lifestyle that’s made for everyone, so to decide if it’s for you, take a look at the top disadvantages to living as a digital nomad. You can also read about the best-traveling jobs out there and find out not only the good but also the bad, on the Royal Holiday Jobs Blog.

Being on your own

Being a digital nomad can be a lonely life, unless you decide to take on this lifestyle with a spouse, or even a family, which is not unheard of. In most cases, you will run across individual digital nomads, that will most likely be on the look out for opportunities to avoid that feeling of loneliness. When they first arrive to a new destination, this may be inevitable, but you can always get your social life up and going. Even if you are a very social and outgoing person, there will be moments for sure where you will be on your own, so you better get used to being on your own.

Life’s a rollercoaster

Image courtesy of Tony Newell at
Image courtesy of Tony Newell at

Living this life will for sure lead to a lack of stability that could easily lead to constant ups and downs. If you’re faint of heart and can’t handle all the stress this may lead to, then you may need to consider if this is really the lifestyle for you. You’ll need to get control of your emotions and make sure that you don’t take life too seriously and be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Traveling may become dull

When traveling becomes a way of life, you may lose your wanderlust feelings that drive you to feel awe each time you visit a new country, walk down new streets or taste new food. The level of excitement is diminished by the fact that it becomes the norm, and thus leading you to not really see it as something extraordinary anymore. If you really do love traveling and think it could become boring at sometime, do you really want to risk it?

Things you could be missing

While you are traveling, life with your family and friends keeps going. Some people are not so fond of traveling abroad and not stopping by their home city in an indefinite period of time, when they realize everything that they are missing. You really will need to be prepared to face the fact that you will miss everyday things and people and to realize that your personal life may be affected by the decisions you make. There are options to keep in touch with family in friends, so keep that in mind as well.

On the professional side

A huge part of working in an office is collaborating and working with others. If you are working remotely, you will rarely have the opportunity to co-work with colleagues and create the sense of community with the rest of the employees of the organization you work with. If you are an extrovert and need to take that coffee break while you share time with co-workers, you’ll need to evaluate how important this is to you.

Bumps in the road

You may run across important issues like not having internet, while running your business or working in an organization, leading you to miss deadlines, not attend programmed meetings or simply not being able to check your email. Additionally, you may also find yourself getting distracted way more easily than you normally would. Just the idea of having the beach at a walking distance, and being stuck behind your laptop will not necessarily work as a convincing as it sounds in the beginning.

Independent of your decision, it will be necessary to weigh in on different topics to ensure you can work efficiently and effectively under these conditions. Disconnecting from work will become much harder than you think, while on the road, whereas others feel that this is the opportunity to focus on your professional development courses and development of student’s language use and knowledge. Ultimately, as an organization, you’ll need to set clear goals and expectations about every single important aspect in your academic procedure, as well as everything else that we’ve mentioned up until now.  Any one of these could be signs that they are more interested in just having the experience of escaping their lives for a while, rather than becoming a professional digital nomad.


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