The Best 10 Tips To Remember For A Successful Job Interview

The Best 10 Tips To Remember For A Successful Job Interview


Preparing for an interview may seem like a daunting task, however with a little planning and some research, you can be sure to impress your next prospective employer. Here at Royal Holiday Jobs, we always bring you the best information on employment perfectly suited for those who love to travel and see the world as they make a living; so on this article we want to give you some of the best advice to tip the scales on your favor next time you want into an interview room.

Dress accordingly

Your apparel highly depends on the job you are applying for. Many people like to follow a rule that says, you should dress one notch above the dress code of the position you are applying for. This advice may be ok, but it doesn’t apply to every situation, specially when you are applying for a position at a foreign country where you need to consider some cultural differences and customs. The best thing you can do is talk to someone you know inside the organization and understand the expectations they have on their employees as far as appropriate work apparel. If you don’t know anyone who can help you, then do you own fieldwork and see what people wear to work and go with that.

Bring all the essentials

Always have something to write with and write on. Carry with you extra copies of your resume in case you run into some other prospective employers or people interested in your services, or if you spill some coffee on it while you wait. A list of references is something great to have on you just in case they ask for it and it shows you are prepared. Make sure you clean your briefcase and have only what you need in there; you don’t want them to see you digging through old magazines and USB cables as you reach inside your bag for something.

Know your target

Read up on the company you are applying for. Not only it shows interest, but it can also save you in case they ask you questions about the job. Understanding the goals of your employer can help you explain why you are the best possible choice for them and also help you see if the company offers you the environment that you want to join and be a part of.

Be aware of the content on your social media networks

It is said that more than 80% of employers check Facebook and Twitter as part of their hiring process. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a personal life nor presence on the web, we simply suggest you should be mindful of your privacy setting and the things you choose to post publicly. There are tools out there that help you tidy up your profiles and remove content that may seem unfavorable to prospective employers.

Practice non-verbal communication

Sometimes you say more by not saying anything at all. Having a firm handshake, a confident smile, and a good posture can make the difference between you and another person with similar qualifications. Body language and overall attitude can go a long way to making you seem the perfect candidate for the job.

Listen attentively

Everything your interviewer says is important information and may give you some advantage in the process. Make sure you listen and take notes if possible (always ask for permission to do this). Remember that listening is part of having great communication skills and sometimes you are being judged on that specific aspect of the communication process.

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Image courtesy of Pulpolux !!! at

Don’t get too comfortable with the interviewer

The way the interviewer treats you is a good indicator of the level of familiarity expected from you. Remember however, that no matter how friendly they are with you, this is a business environment and you should behave so. Showing enthusiasm and interest are very important, but understand where to draw the line and be respectful.

Arrive on time

On time means getting the way before the scheduled time of the interview. Arriving 15 minutes earlier allows you time to get settled, do some reading or last minute preparations and also to take a look at the place and the way people interact with each other. You do not want to walk in the door as if you were rushed or just getting there on time. Being late for an interview sets the worst possible precedent with your employer.

Prepare common questions and answers for interviews

Review common questions and prepare answers in case you are asked those questions. Proper preparation and research of what the company is looking for can help you prepare the best answers for those questions. You do not have to memorize answers, but you should prepare some general talking points in case you are asked about diverse subjects.

Your interview begins from the moment your walk in the door.

The way you greet people at the reception desk is important and those around you will notice. You should be polite and warm to all of those who you encounter. Employers are sometimes curious about the way you treat staff and will be able to draw some conclusions about your character by the way you do it.


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