The Best 10 Interview Tips You’ve Never Heard

The Best 10 Interview Tips You’ve Never Heard


We know that in this day an age, a great resume and a letter of recommendation can only take you so far. Here at Royal Holiday Jobs, we have been talking about interviewing lately by giving you some great advice on getting ready for your next interview by sharing with you some tips on diverse aspects that can provide you with all the necessary tools needed to impress your prospective employers. Today, we want to take a lot of other aspects we haven’t mentioned before and take examples from great companies that have some unconventional hiring methods or perhaps even give you some tips on things that you had no idea could affect the outcome of your interview.

Use the Internet to get ahead

It’s all about taking advantage of all the content out there and doing your homework. Learning about the position, the company and its projection within the industry are extremely important to understand what you can bring to the table, how you can help them reach their goals as an employee and most importantly, it is lined up with your own goals and aspirations.

Clean up your online act

More than 90% of employers use social media to check up on applicants and learn about their habits and personality. Make sure you know what is out there when people do something as simple as Google your name. Social Sweepster for example, is a service that can help you speed up the process and find things that you didn’t even know where out there about you.

Improve your chances by setting up the right appointment

Research seems to show that interviewing from Tuesday to Thursday yields the best results. Also, it is believed that the best time to have the interview is in the morning, but not too close to lunch and definitely not after your interviewer comes back from eating and may be feeling lethargic and not productive. Everything depends on the urgency the company has to hire a new worker, if you can take your time, you can set up your appointment using this guideline, if they need someone fast, just book your interview as soon as you can.

Prepare your story

One of the most generic, popular and important questions they can ask you is: “Tell us about yourself”. The best thing you can do is to prepare ahead and make sure you have an interesting and relevant story to tell. The story is meant to show that you are more than just a professional and let them see your human side as well. Hinting interest and something related with the company or the position is not bad, but you should be sincere first and let them know who you are.


Courtesy of Bill Strain at
Courtesy of Bill Strain at

Give your outfit a bit of personality

We have mentioned dress code, and etiquette before, but something that we didn’t mention is the fact that it isn’t a bad idea to add a small personal touch to your outfit. Perhaps a small pin on your lapel or a pair of cufflinks that reveal a hobby or a personal preference you have. As long as you are subtle and tasteful, you can get away with a lot and you will for sure leave an impression.

Find Strength in your weakness

The strength and weakness questions are so common, but yet so many people get them wrong. Prepare, make sure you are prepared for those questions and find a way to say something out of the ordinary but honest that shows the fact that you understand that strengths can be weaknesses and weaknesses and be turned into strengths by those who have vision.

Have a strong anecdote

Employers commonly ask you something along the lines of “Tell us about an issue or difficulty you’ve had at another job and how did you resolve it”. This is a perfect opportunity to talk about your ability to tackle problems and to show that you can deal with adversity in a positive and imaginative way. Think about the problem, the actions you took and the final solution that brought closure and prepare the story ahead of time.

Learn to tackle analytical questions

Analytical questions are not even about the answer; they are about see you react to problems and the way you go about solving them. If they ask you a question that is clearly not about the answer but the process, make sure you let them know what your thoughts are about tackling that particular situation. Do not stay quiet during the process and simply give an answer at the end. Walk then through your thought process.

Do not underestimate your questions

You will be able to ask questions at the end, use this opportunity to seem genuinely interested and concerned about the position and to drop a bit more extra information about yourself that you didn’t get a chance to mention earlier during the interview.

Know how to say thanks

A thank you email the day after is a great way to show your manners and to have them remember you. Do not ask about the selection process and about your chances of getting the position, simply say thanks for the opportunity and be polite.


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