The 10 Biggest Job Interview Mistakes You Can Make

The 10 Biggest Job Interview Mistakes You Can Make


There are quite a few reasons why you may not get a job you apply for. Perhaps you aren’t the most qualified candidate, maybe you is the opposite and you are overqualified for the position and the company doesn’t want to take that risk; but in some cases, the problem lies in the fact that your interview performance left much to be desired. The problem with having a bad interview is that 9 out of 10 times, you are completely unaware of the mistakes you’ve made and walk away thinking the interview went great. Days later you agonize over not receiving a call and are left wondering what went wrong. Today, here at Royal Holiday Jobs, we want to go beyond helping you prepare for the interview and want to give you some insider info on what are the most common mistakes interviewees make when they take the seat and present themselves in front of the prospective employers.

Not Dressing Accordingly

They way you dress is determined by the company and the position you are applying for. That being said, dressing the right way is one of the best opportunities you have to show you can be professional, understand a dress code and play by the rules. The way you look is your visual resume and the way to make a great first impression, do not waste this opportunity by dressing sloppy or inappropriately.

Being Late For Your Interview

Something that also goes hand-to-hand with first impressions. Being late says a lot about your poor time management skills and it shows disrespect for other people’s time. Tardiness is probably one of the worst things you can do when interviewing for a position. Always try to arrive early enough so you can relax and just do some light reading as you wait and it doesn’t seem like you are there in a rush, sweating from running just to make it on time.

Bragging Or Showing Off

Extreme displays of ego and loud claims seem to only work in reality shows. It rubs employers the wrong way when applicants are so over-confident and seem to have done it all. Even if you have a lot to say, make sure you tone it down and go with what is necessary unless you have a way to back your claims with solid proof. Showing off rarely works and it is often not worth the risk.

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Not Researching About The Company

You will be asked about the company in some way, shape or form and you should be prepared. Not doing your homework is a great way to just ruin an interview all together. How can you bring something new to the table when you do not even know what the company’s mission is?

Having A Broad And Generic Resume

Your resume should be finely tuned to the specific company and position you are applying for. A generic and one-size-fits-all resume is a great way to have your interviewers ask you all the wrong questions and not giving you a chance to show why you are the most qualified person for the job.

Complaining And Talking Bad About Your Current/Former Employer

The world is smaller than you may think, especially in this day and age so be careful what you say about people. Talking bad about others says a lot about yourself and not only gives a bad impression to your prospective new employer but also make it seem like you are just running away from something instead of excited about arriving to this new place.

Making Up Answers

Be honest. In some cases you may not know the answer so is better to admit it than to try to make up something that will clearly make you look like a liar. Perhaps they are doing it on purpose to see how you react to being in uncharted territory and out of your comfort zone.

Being Rude

You are not here to make friends so do not treat your interviewers that way. Look at the person who asked you the question, treat everyone equally with the same respect, say hello and then goodbye and forget about jokes because this is neither the place nor the time.

Not Asking Any Questions At The End Of The Interview

An interview is a two-way street. If they ask you at the end if you have any questions, do not act like you are thinking about it just to say, “No, seems like you have answered them all”. Ask questions, it shows interest, it shows that you are curious and it shows you paid attention. Not asking any questions at the end is probably the worst way to close an interview.

Not Being Clear On Your Motives

You will be asked about the reasons you are interested in the position and what you can bring to make the team stronger. Make sure your motives are clear and they align with the company’s goal. This is not good for the company, but for you as well. Maybe this is not the job you want and is best to have that very clear way before the interview.


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