How to Structure Your Time While Unemployed


Unemployment can throw a serious wrench into your daily routine. It can be easy to drift off from the schedule followed by the working world, since you don’t have to show up at the office every day, which in turn can make it easy to push your job search into odd hours. In order to stay productive when you don’t have a job, keep the following tips in mind:

– Be the CEO of your life. Treat your day-to-day life as a job in itself, focusing on your job search as your core task. It may help to follow a normal workday routine in which you dedicate the hours between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to looking for work Monday through Friday.

– Use a calendar. Plan what you want to get done every day and every week during your job search. Doing so will help you to keep moving. When sorting out your schedule, you should do your best to mix things up. If you perform the same tasks at the same time every day, they may become unpleasant more quickly, which can be a problem if your job search takes awhile.

– Take care of yourself. Unemployment puts you at risk for challenges ranging from loneliness and anxiety to fatigue. Make sure that you set aside time every day to care for yourself. While you want to treat your job search as a job, you don’t want it to occupy your every waking moment. Eat well, shower and dress every day, and make time for fitness. If cutting down on expenses has forced you to cancel your gym membership, look for a new way to exercise like jogging or yoga.

– Consider doing volunteer work. Structuring your time requires a great deal of self-discipline, which can be difficult. One way to bring additional structure into your life while addressing the potential problem of a resume gap is to seek out a volunteer position of some kind.


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