How to Stay Relaxed When Applying for a Job


Searching for a job can be an enormous source of stress. If you’re not careful, you can live and die with every application. Wondering when you’ll hear back, whether this will be the one, how you did in your interview, and how you stack up against the competition can cause significant anxiety. To ensure that you stay calm and collected while applying for a job, remember the following tips:

– Anxiety doesn’t help. Worrying about the position isn’t going to have an impact on whether or not you get called in for an interview or, ultimately, get the job. It’s just wasted energy, so do your best to avoid it.

– Get some exercise. Your body reacts to severe stress much like it does to a physical threat, priming itself for immediate action. One way to deal with that stress is to give your body something to do. Exercise can help your brain to shut down the stress response, flood your body with endorphins, and lead to a number of positive changes in cognition.

– Eat well. Good nutrition also contributes to your body’s ability to manage stress. While comfort food can provide short-term relief, long-term stress control comes from maintaining a healthy diet of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. If you feel the need to eat to deal with your stress, try to eat something healthy.

– Take a break. If you’re out of work or unhappy in your current work environment, the job search can feel so important that you can’t possibly take time away from it. However, just as you should take time off from work, you should give yourself a break from the work of applying for jobs. After a few days off, you should be able to return to the job search recharged and refreshed.


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