Where to Post Your Resume on the Internet


The Internet is filled with places where you can post your resume. Some of them come with national marketing and recognized brand names. Others are more obscure, but still important. And at the most basic level, niche sites that focus on a particular field can be powerful tools even though they don’t boast eye-popping numbers. Keep the following in mind when picking places to post your resume online:

– Choose a strategy. Some career experts recommend a “shotgun” strategy of putting up your resume in as many places as possible. Their reasoning is that you improve your chances by having it up on more sites. The downside to that strategy is that your resume is less customized and your follow-up opportunities are more limited. You also may end up receiving loads of e-mail from job-hunting sites long after you’ve found a position. A more limited strategy of targeting specific opportunities and focusing on them may be a better choice.

– Use your alma mater’s career center. College career centers are often happy to post the resumes of alumni, and many employers search resumes at career centers before expanding their candidate search. So even if you graduated from college a while ago, making your resume available through your college career center can benefit you.

– Look for niche sites. Many fields have vibrant, dedicated job-hunting websites. Posting your resume there makes it less likely that it will get lost in the noise on a larger site.

– Go directly to a company you want to work for. If you have a particular employer in mind, post your resume on their site. You can also contact them directly in some cases.

– Look for government jobs. The U.S. federal government’s USAJobs site contains listings for an enormous number of positions, and some state governments also have websites that let you post your resume online.

– Don’t ignore the bigger sites. It can be difficult to get attention on larger websites like Monster, but they’re still worth your time.


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