When to Take a Break from Your Job Search


Looking for a job can be as much work as holding one down. The list of tasks to complete can feel endless. Networking, researching, applying, and following up, often for multiple positions at the same time can become monotonous and burdensome. In fact, many people burn out on looking for work and may actually benefit from taking occasional breaks. Look for the following signs you might be ready for a holiday from your job search:

The excitement is gone.

Not every job opportunity is guaranteed to have you sitting on the edge of your seat in the hopes that you’ll land an interview. However, you should get that feeling at least every once in a while. If it’s gone entirely, even for positions you think you should be excited for, it may be time to take a break.

Desperation has set in.

Anxiety and desperation can build as your job search lengthens, and potential employers are sure to notice your discomfort. If you’re starting to panic, take some time to calm down. You’ll be more functional when you come back, and other people will likely see you in a more positive light.

You’re rushing.

Not reading the description thoroughly is one of the fastest ways to kill your chances of landing a job. In order to succeed, you need to understand the work being offered and customize your application to highlight the reasons you would be good at it. If you’ve become so jaded about job hunting that you scarcely take the time to read job descriptions any more, it’s time for a break.

You’re seeing sloppiness.

Sending in sloppy job applications can hurt you just as much as skimming job descriptions. It’s always worth the extra time to proofread your e-mails and cover letters, double check that you attached the correct version of your resume, and make sure you got everyone’s name right. If you find yourself cutting corners on your applications, take a breather until you can give the work the attention it deserves.


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