When to Reschedule An Interview


Getting a job interview is a big and important step toward landing a position. In nearly every situation, it will benefit you to schedule the interview based on your potential employer’s needs. Demonstrating that you can be there when they want you to be will go a long way toward proving how interested you are in working for them. Despite this, there are times when you should politely ask to reschedule an interview, including the following instances:

– When you’re going to have a serious medical procedure just before the interview. If you’re woozy from medication and exhausted from surgery, you’re not going to be able to represent yourself accurately, and an interview would be a waste of everyone’s time. Let the hiring manager know why you have a scheduling conflict and then work with them to pick a new and mutually agreeable date.

– When a family emergency occurs. Hiring managers will understand if your family needs you. Be professional and reschedule as quickly as possible.

– When it’s unsafe to get to the interview. Most businesses are pretty realistic about closing down during extreme weather. But if you call in and find that your potential employer has skied into work even though there’s 3 feet of snow and the roads are all closed, go ahead and ask if you can interview another time.

– When your travel arrangements break down. If a delayed or canceled flight means you’ll miss your appointed interview time, there’s little you can do about it. Let your employer know about the problem as soon as you can so that a new interview can be scheduled. If you find yourself snarled in unavoidable traffic and in danger of being late to your interview, go ahead and call to let them know that, as well. In that case, offer them a choice of rescheduling or interviewing you when you get there.


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