What to Wear on Your First Day of Work


Choosing an outfit for your first day at work can be nerve-wracking. You’ll be meeting a lot of people, and you’ll want to impress all of them. But you also won’t yet have a perfect idea of what people wear at your office. What you choose to wear will ultimately depend on you and your employer, but keep the following tips in mind when making your selection:

– Think about what you saw at your interview. If you had an in-person interview, you probably had a chance to see the work environment you’re about to enter. Try to pick an outfit for your first day at work that will fit in with what you observed. Keep in mind that it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed on your first day.

– Stick to neutral colors if you’re unsure. Many work environments welcome bright, colorful outfits. However, if your interview left you unsure as to whether bold colors are suitable, then stick with tan, black, or white on your first day.

– Ask in advance. You’ll probably have contact with human resources before you show up to work on your first day, and it’s entirely appropriate to ask them about the dress code. Employers won’t expect you to read their minds.

– Consider buying some new clothes. Even a wardrobe purchased with durability in mind tends to lose its luster over time. If it’s been a while since you bought new work clothes, you may need to do some shopping in order to look your best on your first day.

– Wear clothes that make you feel relaxed and confident. Your outfit is only one piece of information your new coworkers will use to form an impressions of you. They’ll also pay attention to whether you seem nervous or relaxed, as well as how confident you are. Picking clothes that will help you impress people with your behavior on your first day may be your best move, even if they’re not the most fashionable clothes in your closet.


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