What to Wear for a Warm-Weather Interview


No matter what time of year it is, dressing to impress is important when it comes to job interviewing. Unfortunately, most standard-issue job interview attire tends to be fairly uncomfortable in warm weather. If you have a job interview during a warm or hot time of the year, avoid the temptation to go more casual in favor of something lighter. Proper attire doesn’t change based on what’s going on outside.

You can, however, take steps to make yourself more comfortable when interviewing in warm weather. Start by giving some thought to how you’re getting to the interview. If you can, drive yourself and arrive early. Doing so will allow you to leave heavy outer layers of your interview outfit, like a blazer, hanging in your car until the last possible moment. It will also let you sit in your car with the air conditioning running for a few minutes before you head in, giving you time to review your interview preparation in comfort.

If you have the budget for multiple interview outfits, you can also make yourself a little more comfortable by carefully selecting the fabrics from which your warm-weather interview outfit is made. Fabrics made from lightweight, natural fibers tend to be most comfortable. If your interview environment calls for business casual attire, aim for lightweight slacks or khakis and a lightweight cotton shirt if you’re a man. Women can wear conservative dresses or skirts in a business casual environment instead. For a more conservative interview, men should look into acquiring a lightweight suit and shirt, while women may want to pair silk shells with a jacket and a skirt or slacks.

Despite your best efforts, you might still end up arriving at your interview a little sweaty and disheveled, so allow time for last-minute touchups once you get to the interview site. If you plan ahead by bringing a handkerchief and travel-sized antiperspirant, you’ll be able to wipe away sweat and eliminate potential body odor issues.


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