What to Include under Education in Your Resume


At first glance, the education section of a resume might seem like an easy one to write. But the more complicated your education is, the more difficult it becomes. You might wonder whether to include professional certificates or professional development you went through without earning a certificate. If you have multiple degrees, you might wonder which to include and how much information to give about each of them. And you have to make all of these decisions while remembering that a resume needs to be short and concise. To help make sense of the education section of your resume, keep the following tips in mind.

– The longer you’ve been out of a school, the less information you should include about it. If you graduated within the last three years or so, it’s appropriate to include detailed information about your accomplishments there, such as your GPA if it’s above 3.0, your academic honors. and leadership roles in extracurricular organizations. Beyond that three-year horizon, employers will expect your work history to dominate your resume.

– Start with your most recent education and work backward in time, including less information about each degree as you go. If you have at least a Bachelor’s degree, leave information about high school out of your resume.

– If you only completed some college, you should still include it on your resume. List the dates you attended, the degree program you were enrolled in, and the number of credits you completed.

– If you didn’t finish high school and later completed a GED, list your GED first and your high school education second.

– Include information about certifications after information about your formal degrees. Professional development completed without earning a certificate should come last.

– If your industry requires licensure, you can either include information about completing your license requirements under education or create a separate section on your resume specifically for describing your licenses.


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