What to Do after a Job Interview


What you do after a job interview can be very important when it comes to helping you get a job. Rather than waiting around to hear about an offer, you should do what you can to increase your chances of securing the job. You should also try to learn from the interview, so that even if you don’t get the position, you’ll be in better shape for the next opportunity.

Start by conducting a post-interview assessment. Write down the questions the interviewer asked and your answers to them. It’s important to do so as soon as possible, because your memories of the interview will become hazier as time goes on. Jot down the things you wanted to say, but couldn’t work in as well. This assessment serves two purposes. First, it creates a record of your interview, so that you can quickly go back and review what you told the interviewer if they reach out to you again. Second, it gives you the chance to reflect on what you did well and what you did poorly.

Once you’ve completed the assessment, reach out to your interviewer with a thank-you note. A follow-up e-mail often works best. You can use the assessment during this stage to briefly remind the interviewer of the qualifications you possess, or any points of personal connection you felt during the interview. Consider reaching out through online profiles as well, but be judicious. Stay away from personal sites like Facebook and stick to professional venues like LinkedIn or public ones like Twitter.

Finally, make sure to let your references know they might be hearing from the interviewer soon. Do a little bit of coaching to inform them about the job and the ways in which you think you’re a good fit for it. And if you don’t hear back from the interviewer, be prepared to move on after several follow-ups.


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