What to Consider When Deciding Between Full-Time and Part-Time Work


Full-time work tends to be the norm in our society. Many successful people in the business world work long hours and build fulfilling careers. However, there are other options. Some people work less than 40 hours a week. The reason is not because they cannot find full-time work, but because the benefits of working less outweigh those of working more.

Working full-time brings a host of good things into your life. For one thing, you can spend less time commuting, since you tend to work fewer shifts and spend longer at each of them. For another, you will make more money. Moreover, society tends to confer greater status on people who have full-time jobs.

However, working part-time offers benefits of its own. If you’re interested in trying out multiple careers before committing to one, you can do so if you take two part-time jobs at once. An individual who holds multiple positions also has a little extra job security because if one job disappears, he or she will still have income from the other. You may also find that since you’re working fewer hours, you will have increased energy and can accomplish more for every hour that you work, which helps to maximize your time.

The biggest benefit of working part-time manifest itself in your life outside of work. Working part-time often means that you have flexible hours so that you can arrange your work schedule in order to accommodate your other priorities. In addition, you may find that you experience less stress and have more time and motivation to eat well. You can also avoid burning the candle at both ends, overusing caffeine, and sacrificing sleep. Having extra time to yourself every day also gives you the space and the energy to think outside the box and pursue your passions.


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