What Should I Put in an Online Resume?


Posting a resume online in a place where it lingers indefinitely is a little different from submitting one as part of a job application or e-mailing one directly to a company. Formatting, for instance, becomes more of a concern, because you have no way of knowing exactly how a recruiter who downloads your resume will use it. Security matters as well. Whatever information you share in the resume will be widely available. If you’re putting together an online resume, keep the following tips in mind:

Protect your personal information.

Some kinds of information that would be appropriate in a paper resume are dangerous to include in an online resume. Don’t ever share your driver’s license number, social security number, or full address. Wait until you have direct contact with a legitimate employer before revealing that type of information.

Use a dedicated e-mail address.

Posting your resume online can expose you to a deluge of unwanted e-mail. To guard against that possibility, create an e-mail address whose sole purpose is to help you contact or respond to potential employers, and put only that e-mail address in your online resume.

Respect your references’ privacy.

Just as you limit the personal information you share about yourself, you should limit the information you share about your references. If they’re kind enough to help you out with your job search, you don’t want to reward them by flooding their inbox or phone with unwanted messages.

Be aware of keywords.

Many employers use automated scripts to scan resumes for certain words that indicate whether a prospect might be a good fit for a job. Make sure your online resume uses words related to the work you’re interested in, and post it in a plain text format that’s easy for a computer to search.

Keep track of where you post your resume.

Don’t just flood the Internet with your resume. Instead, use a spreadsheet or other method to track where you’ve posted your information. Then, when your job search is finished, go back to all of those websites and remove your resume.


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