What Colors Should You Wear for a Job Interview

What Colors Should You Wear for a Job Interview


Any job interview is a chance to “sell” your self and your skills and personality to the interviewer by presenting the best possible image. You only get one chance to make a good impression, so you need to choose What Colors Should You Wear for a Job Interview?

Each color range can convey a meaning and combining them properly can be a determining factor in your success. Colors can convey emotion, information and feelings and some will make people look sick and pale. Some others can seem to zoom in or out to the people before you, so It’s important to know your skin tone and the colors that make you look good.

A widely used system is to identify the tones classified by seasons the four seasons of the year. Some people are “fall ” and are favored by warm colors like brown, orange or yellow, while “winter” people are favored by cool tones like gray, blue and pink.

To understand your own season, collect some colored items you already own; handkerchiefs or paper in different colors,. Facing the mirror, place each color underneath your face. Identify which light colors will highlight or dull your face and take into account the color of your hair, skin tone and eye color. Not everyone with fair skin and blonde, brunette or brown hair will fit into the same season.

Once you’ve found which season you belong to, use basic items in neutral colors like gray and dark oxford, black or navy blue color and then choose an accessory that suits your colors.

Black can symbolize elegance and formality and it looks good on most people. But too much can give you an appearance sadness and distance. You’ll want to combine something suitable for your own season.

Colors like red and yellow can convey too much energy, so you’ll want to be careful. Also unwise is too much brown which can project boredom or inattention. White tends to be flattering, but needs to be carefully combined with “your colors” so as not to make you seem too flighty or frivolous. Too much white can also appear inappropriate for business.

Once you know the colors and combinations that best suit you, remember that harmony among all the colors in your appearance can be the most important aspect in the whole combination.

Good luck, and what color you should wear for you next interview?


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