Weigh Your Options Before Accepting a Job Offer


Some job seekers can become so focused on finding employment that they neglect to consider that they might be offered a job they don’t want to take. Other job seekers find themselves in the position of choosing between competing job offers. No matter what your personal situation, you should always think about whether or not you want to take a job, and make sure to consider factors beyond salary and benefits when you do.

First of all, take a look at the written offer that your employer provides you. In some cases, parts of your job offer may be negotiable. Your employer might be willing to budge on aspects ranging from the date you start to how much vacation time you receive every year. You might also be able to obtain help with costs such as parking, which can tip the scales between one job offer and another. In addition, if your compensation includes variable elements such as commissions, be sure that you understand the formula by which they will be calculated and that this is set in writing, as well.

Once you have a good handle on the job offer itself, look beyond it to the intangible factors that come with the job. Companies have different cultures, and one may appeal to you more than another. They can also include widely different opportunities for advancement and coaching on your performance. While evaluating a company, you should also look beyond your interviewer and at your rapport with the management team around them. If you get along swimmingly with your direct supervisor, but dislike the way that the other managers operate, you leave yourself vulnerable to changes within the company.

Receiving a job offer is cause for celebration. Receiving two at once is a coup. Ensure that you evaluate your options before jumping into a new position, no matter how excited you are.


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