Two Kinds of Tricky Interview Questions


No matter how good of a fit you are for a company or how thoroughly you have researched the organization, you are likely to run into at least one or two tricky questions during a job interview. Interviewers include these questions on purpose. Part of their goal is to see how you react in a challenging situation. They want to watch you think on your feet under pressure, so that they can see what your response might be when you encounter a similar situation at work. Hard questions are often customized to your situation, but they also fall into several broad categories. Knowing what those categories are can help you prepare an impressive response.

One subset of difficult interview questions will require you to talk about yourself. Examples include “Why should I hire you?” and “Where do you see yourself in five years?” This type of question is fairly common and gives you the opportunity to demonstrate confidence in yourself and talk about your abilities and goals in ways that make you look good without making you look arrogant. You can prepare for this subset of questions by rehearsing answers and having a good idea of who you are as a worker and how you can benefit an employer.

Another subset of tricky questions focuses on weaknesses in your resume. If an interviewer really wants to challenge you, he or she might ask you questions about uncomfortable subjects, like gaps in your work history or times you were fired. The interviewer might press you about why you changed careers or why you worked at a company for a long period of time without earning a promotion. Again, you should prepare answers to these questions ahead of time and turn what might look like a weakness into a strength.


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