Tips for Using an Online Job-Search Profile


Online job profiles, like those on LinkedIn, are a must in today’s job-search environment. Even older workers, whom one might expect to be exempt from this requirement, are usually expected to have a robust online presence. If you’re struggling to figure out how to use online job-search profiles, consider the following tips:

Start with the basics—Online profile templates tend to have built-in spots for your education, experience, and accomplishments. Make sure to accurately fill in those fields, and don’t be afraid of bragging. Like a resume, an online job-search profile should help market you as a candidate.

Be attentive—It can be tempting to race through creating your online profile, but you should force yourself to go slowly. Think hard about how to use the limited space available to put your best foot forward.

Connect with friends and colleagues—The platforms on which you create an online profile are usually built to encourage social interaction. Take advantage of these networking possibilities by connecting your profiles to those of people you know to spread the word about your job search.

Post links—Once you have your profile up and connected with some of the people in your network, you may want to populate it with links that back up your assertions about your accomplishments. Any newspaper articles that mention you are probably online. If you have received honors from any organization, you can usually find this information listed on the group’s website.

Be consistent—If you have multiple online profiles, make sure they are consistent. Use the same variation of your name and the same professional head shot on each platform so that recruiters can immediately identify you.


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