The Most Desired Career Skills for 2014


Possessing the right skills can drastically improve your chances of getting a job. Defining what the right skills are changes from one job to another, as well as from one year to the next. In 2014, some job skills are expected to be in high demand over a broad range of categories and industries. If you’re seeking to acquire new skills to improve your employment prospects, focus on the following:

– Basic skills. In many cases, the most important skills are also the most fundamental ones. Before you try to acquire specialized job skills, make sure that you have a solid base of skills that are applicable to a number of jobs. For instance, communication skills are in high demand for jobs ranging from accounting to software development.

– Technological skills. While basic skills top the needs list for most high-growth positions, technology skills have become increasingly important to employers, as well. The ability to perform at least rudimentary computer programming has been growing in demand, as have statistical analysis and cloud computing skills. Social media marketing skills have also topped several lists of in-demand technical skills released at the beginning of the year.

– Skills related to mobile apps and networking. Within the area of technological skills, networking and mobile app development are highly prized. Coding in JavaScript and CSS3 is particularly valuable for app development.

– Foreign languages. With the economy increasingly globally connected, the ability to speak more than one language can often help you to find work. Many companies need someone who can communicate with offices in other countries, and even basic skills in languages like Spanish, French, German, or Chinese can come in handy when looking for work.

– Project management skills. Many employers need people who have experience and talent in completing projects. The ability to see the big picture and manage others while bringing an idea to life can be invaluable to you and the companies for which you want to work.


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