The Essential Elements of Pre-Interview Research


To obtain a significant advantage over other candidates, you need to take the time to conduct crucial research prior to an interview. Research gives you the background that you need to make a great impression on interviewers. By studying the company and its personnel, you prove that you are truly interested in the job and have the motivation necessary to succeed. But, how exactly do you perform pre-interview research?

The first step in pre-interview research is to read the job description carefully. Typically, the job description will outline the exact criteria that hiring managers are looking for in a candidate. This knowledge gives you a leg up while preparing for typical interview questions. The job description can also reveal important insights about the company, including what direction managers imagine the company will take as it grows and how the new job will fit into that evolution.

Once you have thoroughly reviewed the job description, spend some time perusing the company’s website. Try to get a good idea of the company’s history and vision for the future and take note of any major accomplishments. You should also studying the firm’s products and services, including brand names, to understand the company’s place in the larger industry and what makes its offerings distinct from others on the market.

You can often glean some great first- and third-party information about a company by conducting searches on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media networks, especially LinkedIn. While a company LinkedIn page can offer good information, you should also check out the profiles of people who will conduct the interview. Most schedulers will tell you who the interviewers are but, if not, you can always ask. Make notes about their work and school histories and look for ways to make connections with them during the interview.


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