Steer Clear of These Job Interview Mistakes


Job experts spend a lot of their time talking about what you should do before an interview: prepare your answers, wear the right outfit, be on time, and more. However, there are also things that you should avoid doing in an interview in order to maximize – or in some cases preserve – your chances of landing a job. Keep the following in mind to make sure you don’t do something in your interview that the interviewer really doesn’t want to see.

– Don’t freeze up. Do whatever it takes to make yourself comfortable and confident enough to get through the interview, even if you’re terrified. Avoiding eye contact and giving short, mumbled answers to questions can quickly sink your chances.

– Don’t water down your personality just to be agreeable. While you don’t want to come across as overbearing, your interviewer does want to know a little bit about who you are. If the overall impression they get from you is that you’ll agree with anything to keep them happy, they may not connect with you on a personal level.

– Don’t be inaccurate. Your interviewer can, and probably will, check out your assertions about your past performance, education, and experience. If you have negatives in your history, be upfront about them.

– Don’t just answer a question with “I don’t know” and leave it at that. Hopefully you can avoid having to answer “I don’t know” by doing your research before the interview. If you do get stumped, take a moment to think and try to answer based on what you do know.

– Don’t ask about salary and perks. There’s a time and a place to ask about compensation and benefits. However, focusing on that before you even get the job can give an employer the wrong idea about your work ethic.

– Don’t be negative. Even if you’ve had a rough time lately, either at a job that went sour or as an unemployed person, strike a positive tone in the interview. The person you’re speaking with is evaluating whether they will want to spend a significant amount of time with you, and if you sound bitter and angry, you may put them off.


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