Resume Trends for 2015


Resume trends tend to shift from one year to the next. If one of your resolutions for 2015 is to update your resume, whether in preparation for a job search or simply to keep it fresh in case you need it, you should do so with an eye toward what has been most effective lately. Keep the following tips in mind:

– Delete fluff. Your old resume might have incorporated buzzwords like “results oriented” or “driven.” If it does, take them out. In 2015, resumes are expected to be short and to the point. Employers want to see accomplishments, not your own glowing descriptions of yourself.

– Use numbers. Make sure to quantify your accomplishments. Rather than just saying that you increased sales in a past position, give the increase in percentages or dollar amounts. You should also use numbers in your descriptions. Mention the size of your previous employers and the teams which you were a part of or managed. Doing so will make your resume more concrete in the employer’s mind.

– Write with people in mind. In the last few years, job seekers leaning heavily on online applications have begun thinking of the audience for their resume as an algorithm. If your resume is stuffed with search terms and keywords designed to pique the interest of a machine, revise it. Your most effective job-search efforts in 2015 are likely to arise from networking and face-to-face interaction, so make sure your resume appeals to a human being.

– Lead with the most relevant information. Employers have very little time to review resumes, so having irrelevant information on your resume will make it much more likely to be rejected. Only include information that demonstrates your relevant skills and experience. Place the most relevant information at the top of each resume section, where it will be most likely to catch an employer’s eye.


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