Reasons to Pursue an Internship


Before you can land a job in some fields, you need to gain experience first. Graduating from a good school or having the right credentials may not be sufficient if the job market is especially competitive. In order to gain experience, you might want to consider taking on an internship. Some internships pay, while others offer college credit. And others offer nothing but skill building and networking. All of them can help you to land a job for the following reasons.

– They provide you with real-world experience. If your resume consists solely of part-time summer work at your local ice-cream shop, but you want a job as an analyst at a Fortune 500 company, you’re going to be at a disadvantage compared with other applicants. An internship can help you to catch up. In a good internship, you won’t just be making coffee runs. You’ll also be gaining practical knowledge about what it takes to succeed in your chosen field.

– They help you to develop a professional network. The people you meet as an intern may be able to help you to land a job after your internship ends. A majority of the companies that offer internships also use them as a recruiting tool, meaning that your internship may lead to a permanent position in some cases.

– They let you try out a career. Not everyone will find the right job on their first shot. If you’re torn between two career paths, an internship can let you try one out and see whether it’s really right for you. Even an internship in a field not directly related to yours can help you because you’ll develop transferable skills that will bolster your resume.

– They can help you to build a portfolio. If you work on a few projects during your internship, you’ll leave with tangible examples of the work you produce. Having those on hand to show to potential employers during your job search will help you gain an edge on other applicants.


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