Qualities to Look for in a Manager


A lot of times the job search focuses on ways to present yourself to employers in a good light so that you earn a job offer. But finding the right job and knowing whether an opportunity will be good for you is just as important to long-term success in your career. In addition to creating a pleasant working environment, a good manager will teach you things and give you room to expand your skill set and responsibilities over time, leading to better opportunities down the road. With that in mind, here are several things to look for in your manager.

– Good feedback. In many ways a manager is like a coach. He or she sets the strategy clearly and shows employees how to pursue it, then lets them know what they’re doing well and what they need to improve. Getting good feedback is essential to improving in your position over time.

– Willingness to share the spotlight. The best managers don’t waste time congratulating themselves or talking about their achievements. Instead they pass credit on to their team members and celebrate the achievements of others.

– Desire to interact with every employee. In some firms, managers lavish attention on favorites while letting other employees languish. Actions like that almost always lead to an unpleasant working environment, even for the preferred employees. The best managers, on the other hand, get to know every person under them so that they can understand them as a person and bring their talents to bear on the tasks that suit them best.

– A habit of tackling problems early. When problems related to personnel or projects linger in a department, they can have a severely negative effect on team morale and grow over time. Look for a manager who deals with issues early, before they begin impacting team members.


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