Productivity Tips for Job Seekers


Maintaining a high level of productivity while you look for a job can be difficult. If you’re still employed, you have to find time to look for a new position while maintaining your output at work. If you’re unemployed, you may end up overwhelmed and disorganized, with your normal routine thrown out the window and a new one hard to create. To ensure you stay productive while searching for a new job, try the following tips:

Use a mission statement.

View each action you take through the lens of a good personal mission statement. Does the action contribute to your overall goals? If not, don’t waste your time on it and focus on something that does.

Set goals.

Sort your goals into long-term, short-term, and daily lists. Then, write them down so you can return to them every day and see what you have left to accomplish. Prioritizing your goals can also help keep you on track.

Take advantage of technology.

Automating parts of your job search can help you become more productive. On many job-search websites, you can create alerts to tell you when new relevant job postings appear. Getting daily or up-to-the-minute lists of new opportunities can save you time in the long run.

Avoid getting into ruts.

You can also keep yourself productive by varying your routine. If you spend every day sitting at your computer e-mailing resumes, you will perform that task less effectively over time. Instead, create a weekly schedule that has you doing different tasks on successive days. One idea is to spend three days a week networking and researching, and spend the other two days customizing and sending out applications.


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